Redux and Boxee – Democratizing your TV!

We all love the Redux site. It’s unique, truly addictive, has an incredible community, awesome discussions, and it just keeps feeding us the best stuff from around the web in a real-time, personalized stream. We’re biased, but we’re big fans of our friend-sourced entertainment guide.

Of course, the website is only half the battle – today, we’re going after the big enchilada – your TV set. This morning we’re releasing the Redux Boxee App, a game-changing way to sit back and put you and your friends in control of what you watch on your TV. More importantly, we’re democratizing TV, giving you the power to watch only what you like, and only the best of what’s out there on the web. Avner Ronen, Boxee CEO is a fan of Redux and the new app (and we’re a featured app on the Boxee home screen).

“I love Redux on Boxee,” said Avner Ronen, Boxee CEO.
 “It takes the pressure off me to decide exactly what I want to watch, and gives me channels of content around some of my favorite subjects like WTF videos or great music.   Redux is pushing the limits of the space and really experimenting with what TV could be.”

We’re huge fans of Boxee here as well. In fact, it’s no accident that we chose to launch our first Redux App on the Boxee platform. Because Boxee supports the latest version of Flash (critical for web video on TV) and is based on python, the Boxee app development platform is extremely developer-friendly and easy to work with. Boxee also has a robust and growing community, with nearly 1 million people using Boxee to connect their computers to their TV – a huge resource for any service built around finding and delivering the best content on the web.

So, here’s the deal:


To put it simply, content discovery on the web is a miserable experience. We waste hours out of our day searching and sorting through tons of web clips to find that one 30-second nugget of joy that will get us through the day. That problem becomes even worse when you hook your computer up to your TV. You can’t flip, you can’t visit your favorite channels and just watch, you are stuck fumbling around with your remote trying desperately to find anything worth watching. Well, we’re changing all of that.


  • Redux on Boxee has hundreds of channels, all built around your specific interests and fed by people who share those interests.Forget NBC, CBS, or FOX – those channels aren’t built for you. With Redux on Boxee if you want to watch nothing but music videos from the ‘90’s, you can. If you love nothing more than to just watch people FAIL over and over and over, we’re not gonna judge. If you’re a movie buff who wants to relive your favorite scenes all day long – go ahead, punk. Make our day. Just flip through your favorite channels, find one you like, and let us entertain you!


  • Redux on Boxee gives you great web content in a great TV experience. When it comes to TV, we’re all lazy. That’s the point, right? We just want to sit there and be entertained. With Redux on Boxee you can kick back and watch a constant stream of personalized content, constantly fed to you in real-time by your friends and the Redux community. Only what’s good, what’s new, and what you want to watch.

Here’s how you get Redux on Boxee:

First, if you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of Boxee, do so HERE

Once you install and launch Boxee, just go to “Applications” and then “App Library” – find Redux and hit “Add to my Apps”

Once Redux is in your “My Apps” directory, just hit “Start” and you’re ready to go!