Behind the Profile: Gioser

To the Redux faithful, Gioser needs absolutely no introduction. If his 3K shares weren’t impressive enough, his unbelievable tally of nearly 12K props indicates that quality takes precedence. Considering that every 10 props gives you a Superprop, this guy is basically your supreme overlord, and someone you should be following if you aren’t already.

However, like everyone else in our midst, it took Gioser years of Reduxing through countless versions of the site to get to where he is today. As such, we thought he’d be the perfect person to virtually sit down with and get get to know, Behind-the-Profile.

Community Dude: Hello there.

Gioser: Hi, how are you?

CD: Are you comfortable?

G: Not as much as I want.

CD: Since these questions are pre-scripted, I can only assume you answered affirmatively in a frank, straightforward manner. Thank you for taking the time to be honored with being the first ever interview on our blog. Are you peeing yourself with excitement?

G: Yes but is a little warm, and studies say it is good to deal with jellyfish at the beach and is good to exfoliate the skin of your knees. If you suffer from “elephant skin” in the knee area, this would help you.

CD: Still scripted here, though excellent to hear in either case. Many who know you may not realize that you’re not from the US. Why is this?

G: [silence]

CD: Hispania, no? Jajaja.

G: [silencio]

CD: Well your comments are hilarious either way, and pulling that off with a second language makes you all the more overlordy. What’s that like?

G: I comment all the time in bad English since nobody can understand me when I do it in bad Spanish, but I´m improving my French to comment in Bad français.

CD: LOL. So how did your love affair with Redux begin?

G: When Andy sent me an email inviting me to this beta site. At first I thought it was spam because he want to know my credit card numbers and he said he was from Nigeria. Then I realized that I was reading another email and I accepted the invitation.

CD: Did you know that this affair would last as long as it did?

G: Nope. I Thought the site would be absorbed very quickly by AOL and I’d disappear.

CD: To what would you attribute the longevity of this relationship to?

G: To all the quality of the shares. Users post a lot of awesome material. When I feel bored, I come to Redux to smile a little.

CD: 3,000 shares is no small feat, and nearly 12,000 props to your credit is simply mind blasting. What motivates you to share so prolifically on Redux, versus, say, brand X, Y and Z?

G: I love Redux, more than the X, Y and Z cause it´s simple. You go there and you immediately start to look at content. I love the way it all bumps in real time.

CD: What makes Redux so special? Besides you, of course.

G: I like the simplicity, the minimalistic design. It is content centered, and in two clicks you can share to other sites.

CD: Any fellow ‘Duxers you’d like to give a shot out to, perhaps ones that I should interview next?

G: You!!!! I think we all duxers want to know stuff about the site. I suggest an open interview with al the ‘Duxers.

CD: I like that idea, though I fear for my family’s privacy and safety. However, you and our readers may enjoy this recent interview, courtesy of a fellow ‘Duxer.

How would you describe your “style” of content on Redux?

G: My style can be defined like memelolwtfish.

CD: You’re not only one of our best users, but also one of our most tenured. What has it been like seeing all of the changes since you first signed up?

G: We have seen a lot of changes, but I like you have conserved the original idea to be minimalistic, giving the importance to the post not the site, and giving all the power to the people, like in that movie with sandra bullock.

CD: Having seen so many version of the site, do you feel that there is a consistent direction the site has followed? If so, what is it? If not, think harder.

G: I like the way you have improved, and the direction of jumpin in real-time. We don’t want tabs, we don’t want tags, we don’t want filters. All I want is enter to the site and see how all the things are moving!!!!!

CD: If you were Redux’s CEO, would you do anything differently? If so, what?

G: Nope. You are doing amazing work. I hope when Hollywood makes the movie “The Social Network 10: Redux in Space” I can get an opportunity as actor.

CD: What’s your favorite share of all time (yours or someone else’s)?

G: My Favorite Share is “Bohemian Rhapsody: Redux Edition“. Amazing.

CD: Anything flattering you’d like to tell us that we can emblazon across the splash page and retweet ad nauseum?

G: Nope.

CD: Oh come on, you can do better than that.

G: OK, You are doing an amazing job. REDUX is 1000 times better than reddit, 4chan, digg, Buzzfeed, and Keep this direction, I feel proud to be part of this.

CD: <3

G: ✌

CD: Is this still comfortable for you?

G: Yes. I fell more comfortable.

CD: Now say something in Spanish. I promise I won’t translate it.

G: Mi vieja cabra ya no es lo que era.

CD: Excellent. Any questions for us?

G: Yes. What is your favorite movie?

CD: On behalf of us all: The Net, starring Sandra Bullock.

CD: Well, thanks once again for taking some time away from blasting the community’s minds and speaking to us. Hopefully it didn’t set you too far behind. With that, I’ll leave the closing words to you.

G: Hasta la vista, Baby!!!!