Redux and Storyful pioneer Curated Global News for TV, SONY partners with Redux to enhance TV content offerings

We’re excited to announce a new partnership that will bring Storyful’s high-quality, vetted, and up to the minute global news curation to Redux in a lean-back video channel, perfect for consumption on your living room TV.

Today, Broadcast TV stations are a common way for many people to learn about current and global news on their living room TV. But broadcast TV can’t keep up with the real-time web, and many sources aren’t transparent about their point of view or bias. By contrast, online video can often cover events up to the minute - just one person with a cell phone camera is now enough for real-time coverage. But, the integrity of the sources is often suspect, the technical quality of the video is usually low, and there’s simply too much content to wade through to figure out what is newsworthy. For instance, during the Egyptian revolution, over 100,000 videos were uploaded - it’s difficult to know where to start.

Storyful solves this by taking advantage of the immediacy of social media, and providing rigorous integrity by checking video sources, as well as adding meaningful context with its staff of professional journalists. Combined with the Redux TV experience, the curated news channels from Storyful are an ideal way to consume the latest and most relevant news that audiences need to know about.

The Storyful partnership is an exciting addition to our TV experience, which has seen continuous growth since we announced the partnership with Google TV earlier this summer. We’re excited to reveal a few key growth milestones, and put together an infograph documenting a few milestones over the last year and half:

We’re particularly proud of the one-hour long session times, indicating that people are watching Redux as they would watch TV - they’re leaning-back and consuming it for hours on end.

We’re also excited about a partnership announcement with SONY. Redux is featured within the Sony entertainment channel on the Google TV platform. This brings an enhanced discovery experience to the Sony Internet Television product line, and further expands the reach of Redux’s TV experience.

We’re continuing to close deals with fantastic partners to extend our TV experience to more platforms and audiences, and we’re just getting started. Check out the storyful channel and feel free to drop us line to let us know what you think.

David McIntosh, CEO

Redux editor-in-chief Andy Schneider contributed to this announcement.  

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